Imagination Magic


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We have been given the ability to create pictures in our mind with all the sensations of reality, to imagine anything that we wish. But we have been led to believe that imagination is for children and does not belong in the real world. This myth has been perpetuated so we don’t play havoc with the ordered money making machines of the world. So they give us the imagination of the glossy pages to keep us away from knowing the greater truths of our life.

Our imagination is a window to other worlds, worlds of immeasurable colour and possibility, of pictures that defy our expectations. It gives us connection to stories we have only ever dreamed of and landscapes of infinite beauty. It is a magic power of creativity that allows us to build bridges between what is and what can be.

We are truly the magician and our imagination is our wand of command.

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Imagination is magic

Framed (Bevelled Card) Print – A4 210 x 297 mm – 8.3 x 11.7 inches

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