Writings to heal the heart and free the mind.

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    The Heart Knows What the Mind Cannot See


    Also available as an audiobook from Itunes and Amazon Audible
    An everyman exploration of spiritual well being
    Toby is a wordsmith and has put into words so many gems of knowledge and understanding.

    I feel like I have literally opened a door to my heart stepped in, investigated, communicated, held it in a loving embrace, forgiven and brought it peace. .

    The wisdom and honesty of this book hits you in the right places and takes you on a journey alongside a dear old friend holding your hand to yourself.
    a delightful creation of words and art cover to cover page by page of pure blissful enjoyment!

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    The Sacred You – Book


    The book explains the powers that we have to create our life, it looks at each of these in turn and explains how they work and interact, building a simple and dynamic picture of why we do what we do.

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    The boy who dreamed in colour


    This is a children’s story of a boy who dreamed in colour,

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    A spiritual Journal


    A beautiful and soulful book of wisdom, inspired art, radiant colour, and prose.

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    87 Sayings – Book


    A collection of 87 sayings to heal the heart and free the mind.


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