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We always do our best but sometimes do not forgive ourselves for not being perfect.

Each day we start again, give our best, try with our heart to be the person we love to be. We never stop. We never do less than our best – it may have been a misinformed best or even a grumpy best, but it was always our best at the time.

We can’t not try, with who we are in the moment, to be what we love. It’s been the story of our extraordinary life and we should forgive ourselves for any hurt we have done to ourselves because of who we thought we should have been but were not.

We can always be better, stronger, wiser, brighter, more loving. Without the wish to be so we would never grow in ourselves, but when that wish turns sour, ceases to be the inspiration and becomes the tyrant to ourselves, we cast out our love and dismember ourselves, laying waste our peace and well-being.

To forgive ourselves is to bring to the light a part of ourselves that we have orphaned by our hostility. It makes whole the family of ourselves, giving us back the peace and strength that can only come from a unified self.


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Framed (Bevelled Card) Print – A4 210 x 297 mm – 8.3 x 11.7 inches

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