The Gentle Threads


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Framed (Bevelled Card) Print – A4 210 x 297 mm – 8.3 x 11.7 inches


The Gentle Threads

The hard mind deals in the result, not the cause, the manifest not in the manifestor of life. It concerns itself with the physical appearance, not the essences that are cause of life.

It can be a tough world and it seems so easy to become hard just to make a living and get by. And I am so easily drawn away from my soft mind into the hard, by the ghosts of ‘more’ that haunt my mind with their incessant moaning that I am not enough! This can make for a severe mind, inflexible in its purpose and with little ability to know the gentle truths that surround me.

Its not that they hide from the hard mind, it’s just that there is no room in the hard mind for them to play. But I do know that when I am gentle with myself and carry few expectations of how things should be, my mind becomes flexible again and gives me knowings of a world beyond the hard lines of life, a world that is full of meanings about the purpose of life, its timeless flow and, of course, my place within it.