Within our vulnerability


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We carry in our journey a fragile self that lives in the pain of what was and what was not. And we also carry a vulnerable self that is unfettered to our yesterdays. It feels the enormity of the moment without conditions or expectations of how it should be.

Do not confuse the two, for one lives in fear, the other, love.

Our journey accrues many pains that we carry forward in life; their presence gives us our sense of fragility, that we can be broken and hurt again. So we look through the eye of fear, become hard in our defence or attack against the assumed opposition to who we think we are. This is understandable for life can be tough and is often blind to the gentle soul of ourselves. The trouble with this response is that it causes us to feel that our strength lies within our hard disposition to life. Although this can be exciting and much applauded by others in life, it is not our true strength; that strength is found in our sense of vulnerability that arises whenever we stand naked to the force of life, whenever we become unclothed by our conditions of how we think things should be. This may happen by shock or calamity or it may be purposely chosen.

Whatever the cause, we become open again to the power of life. We feel the truth of who we are, a part of all that we see; no lesser or greater than a flower or a tree, another person or a god.

Our fragile self may say that we are not enough, not strong enough, not bright enough, not wise enough to accept this truth. But this is only the illusion of fear. We were, are and always will be enough.


Within our vulnerability, there is an indomitable strength

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