The Mind

The Mindis one of the greatest faculties we have. It is a magnificent tool of perception, comprehension, and a ‘go-getter’.

It holds the thousand threads to the places, people, and experiences of my yesterdays and the thousand threads to what may be in my tomorrows.

It travels on the hopes and fears of my life, to places and times outside of the moment, to tomorrow’s dreams and to memories of my youth, to heroic moments and to embarrassing disasters.

It will diligently search through time and space to secure the answers to questions about what was, is, and what will be.

It will insatiably use the How, Why, When, What and Where to rummage for the things I have told it I care about, often silly things, but because I have emotions about them, the mind thinks them important. The stronger the emotion, the higher up the list of importance they go. These lumps of emotions form the centres of gravity for what I will think, and what I will think because of what I think.